System Issues

1. All the OS and browsers need to be updated to the newest version

2. For WIndows user, OS has to be Win10, and Edge is recommended (IE also works on some devices)

3. For Mac users, OS has to be macOS10.13+, and Safari is recommended

4. For Android users, Chrome and Edge are recommended, but some devices are not supported since some manufacturers are opting out of Widevine hardware protection

5. For iPhone and iPad users, basically most browsers are available, but their OS and browsers have to be updated to the latest version

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to register?

Yes, you are required to create an account and sign in to watch films.

Q. How do I purchase tickets?

No tickets are required. All the films are streamed FOR FREE to anyone in the Festival countries. Simply click “Watch for Free” to add films you wish to see to the list and click “play” at the scheduled time!

Q. My film ends after the next film is scheduled to start. Can I watch both?

There is a 24-hour window that allows you to click “play” from the scheduled stream time, so don’t worry! Finish the first film then go to the next one!

Q. My country is not listed as one of the Festival countries. Can I still watch films?

Streaming is only available for people who are in Festival countries during the Festival dates.

Q. Can I watch with subtitles?

To watch with subtitles, click “CC” on the Player to select your language. Some films may not have subtitles in your language.

How can I fix delayed subtitles?

Please reload or try another browser.

Q. Can I re-watch films during the festival period?

All films are available throughout the scheduled streaming time. As long as you play the film within the 24-hour time frame, you can watch as many times as you want!

Q. Who is the Organizer?

JFF Plus: Online Festival is organized by The Japan Foundation. For more details on the JFF Project, visit the JFF Plus website.
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