What a Wonderful Family! / Kazoku wa Tsuraiyo

The old wife and husband couple, Shuzo and Tomiko, has three children. The eldest son live along with his parents, the eldest daughter lives with her husband in the neighborhood. Their youngest son is planning to get married to his girlfriend. The family has ordinary and happy lives, but unbelievable decision from their mother suddenly hits the family ...

The Magnificent Nine / Tono, Risoku de Gozaru

Things seem hopeless for the residents of a poor post-town in 18th century Japan who suffered in great poverty due to heavy taxes imposed by the feudal lord. That is until an ingenious idea is introduced that could turn their fortunes around—lend money to their financially strapped lord and redistribute the interest to the townspeople to escape poverty ...

The Mohican Comes Home / Mohican Kokyo ni Kaeru

Eikichi is vocalist of a death metal band without financial guarantees for his future. His pregnant girlfriend, Yuka, force him to return to his hometown in Tobi Island, where his family lives. He hasn’t been home for 7 years and he’s not eager to return ...