Thank you very much for your amazing enthusiasm and participation in joining Japanese Film Festival 2017 Jakarta’s volunteer registration. We received more than 800 applications and selected the best 24 names to help us running this event. Congratulation for those who are selected. And for you who aren’t selected yet, please don’t be upset. The Japan Foundation Jakarta still has much more interesting programs and we wish you a good chance to be able to participate with us in our next program.

The selected volunteers are:

  1. Tantyo Bahariawan
  2. Kishi Ayuningtyas
  3. Luna Hapsari
  4. Sera Brenaita Kaciribu
  5. Dwiyanti Indriyani
  6. Ajeng Bramanthi Cendik
  7. Ramandha Fury Dwi Melliani
  8. Fidia Larakinanti
  9. Lidya Natalia
  10. Adassa Elisheba Manoppo
  11. Jeannita Kirana
  12. Putri Indah Arum Sari
  13. Nurlaela Firdaus
  14. Putri Sefa Zafira
  15. Shahnaz Cantika
  16. Hapsari
  17. Renny Rizka Ismaillah
  18. Chairul Rijal
  19. Haudi Hasaya
  20. M. Khosyi Izzatullah Machus
  21. Dion Arison Sulisarto
  22. Nareswari Kumaralalita
  23. Abdillah Barkah
  24. Nadilla Izzati Wahyu
JFF 2016 Volunteer

Dion Arison Susilarto (26) was having a large-scale-event experience when he became one of JFF 2016 volunteers. “I have a platform containing information about Japanese cultures. I was looking for writing materials when I saw JF-The Japan Foundation's announcement regarding Open Call for Volunteers. I registered right then and there". He also added that becoming a JFF volunteers last year made him able to write various article about Japanese culture.

Dion shared his experience when he volunteered. The venue of JFF last year, was crowded by visitors. Dion and the others had to be swift when the visitors were asking for something. Teamworks was evidently seen when volunteers had to share each other's workload. “Switching with the others are common and must be done swiftly”, said Dion.

In addition, the relations that was built when he volunteered is still maintained until now. “Sometimes we still meet on another events, doing project together!" said the man who also took Japanese language course at The Japan Foundation, Jakarta.

Are you interested in volunteering at JFF like Dion?